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Silver Jubilee year of CEC…

Introduction & History:
Celebrating the glorious silver jubilee year of existence of CEC – the premier IT & Allied Education institute of Assam and the Northeast, the account below recounts a classic case of rags to riches story in the making. In 1990, a young boy from the Noonmati area of Guwahati went to New Delhi for pursuing higher education in computer education. He, as a student, was actively involved with the students’ movement led by All Assam Students Union (AASU) during that time in various capacities. He observed the snowballing problem of unemployment and its ensuing consequences from close proximity during his stint with the AASU. This led him to go to New Delhi with a mindset to not only establish himself in a self-reliant way but also to endeavour to provide career opportunities to the younger lot.

That young boy is Dipankar Dutta and he came back to his native land after finishing off his course successfully. On May 2, 1994, he founded and started a small computer education institute and named it as Computer Education Centre, later would be known as CEC, in the Noonmati area with only two computers. Now after completing 24 magnificent years of growth and prosperity, it has over 175 centres in the Northeast with a record number of 21 centres in Guwahati city alone. Even parents and students alike swear by the name of CEC with regards to complete computer education. CEC is now a society under the S.R. Act XXI of 1860 and a member of Educational Promotional Society of India (EPSI), New Delhi.

CEC was established with an aim to create trained and efficient manpower in the field of information technology, software and hardware courses in computer, web-page designing, fashion and textile designing, journalism and other management courses; and it has successfully carried out different courses. CEC was founded to strengthen the need of computer education in Assam. The need of the hour was for a distinct institution specializing in technical education that would be far above the few institutions which were until then responsible for imparting computer education in the city. It was also felt that the purely empirically based professional computer education provided earlier by some sub-experienced/inexperienced professionals would not meet the burgeoning needs for training modern computer professionals.

The institute was expected to cater to the needs of providing training to the students who wish to pursue a career in computers, fashion designing, textile/interior designing, journalism and other management courses. To fulfill these objectives, the institute was expected to operate as a resource, providing employment generation in the field of technical education. The institute was expected to run as a centre of excellence for studies in professional courses.

CEC now has entered its 25th year of existence with a brilliant record of more than 5,00,000 successful/passed-out students, over 300,000 got jobs all over India and over 100,000 are self-employed. In fact, students of CEC are found in almost every company in the N.E. region. This is significant because even in the face of the mushrooming competition by several multinational IT education institutes, CEC has been able to survive and sustain itself highly successfully against all odds as a local institute. In fact, other computer education giants currently working in this field in Assam have also faced stiff competition in the face of the thriving popularity of CEC among the aspiring students.

One outstanding factor behind the success achieved within this span of 24 years is the individualized attention given to the students, thus enhancing their ability to acquire and synthesize knowledge in their chosen field of studies. The ambience at CEC enables students to attain their personal and professional goals and contribute constructively to their workplaces and communities. This is the feeling voiced by many former students of this institution.

Progress & Growth (Achievements and Development):
Since then, the small plant that was planted in 1994 has blossomed into a huge tree into what the CEC Group of Institutions of today. Now there are about 2500 members of the CEC-Parivar who are engaged in various disciplines. They are assisted by other non-technical staff who together take account of the intellectual, infrastructure and administrative requirements of the institute and constitute its community.

The institute conducts 30 diploma and other courses plus 26 short-term courses. Among the major courses provided by the centres of CEC are three-month courses in Integrated Computer Application, Computer Assembling & Maintenance, six-month courses in computer software and hardware engineering, one-year course in computer software application and two-year course in computer engineering & e-commerce.

One of the major dimensions of this institute has been its regional role, and its teaching has attracted students from the entire N.E. region. The institute has also undertaken collaborative education by some franchisees. Currently, there are over 175 CEC centres in the entire Northeast region. Now, CEC is the only local largest network in education in this region.

CEC was started as a computer institute and in 1998, CEC started another wing as CEC-IMFD, the Institute of Management and Fashion Designing. Under CEC-IMFD, several courses on textile designing are offered and the syllabus includes Fashion Designing, Textile Designing, Airlines Management, Interior Designing, etc. CEC-IMFD offers 10% concession in any course to the female candidates as per norms of Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. It may be mentioned that several highly successful fashion designers currently working in this field within and outside the state were students of this local institute.

Dipankar Dutta, Founder President of CEC says in this regard that, “Our institute has made all-out efforts to provide high-quality education in a comparatively lesser cost. I think this has helped students of the economically backward families of the whole north-eastern region immensely.” The institute, it may be mentioned, has schemes under which it has been providing free-of-cost educational courses to many poor students. Moreover, CEC also has a placement service through which it has helped more than 1000 students till date, both from within and outside CEC to get suitable jobs. This has also added to the overall professionalism the institute can boast of. Many such students, after passing out from CEC, have been able to create a niche for themselves by working in various companies and private sector firms within and outside India.

Highly qualified and trained faculty members impart training to many batches in CEC centres. With its headquarters at Silpukhuri, other centres keep coordinating regularly to keep the momentum going. In 2002, CEC launched a course of Diploma in Journalism to cater to the needs of students who wanted to prosper in print and television journalism. In fact with the start of the Journalism courses, CEC started an in-house publication, The CEC Times which was prepared and published by the students of the Journalism Department of CEC. Overall performance of the department, taking this short span of time into account, has been quite impressive and noteworthy.

Under a non-profit making policy, CEC launched a home tutorial system providing employment to nearly 200 students. People with computers in their homes or offices can learn several courses taking the services of CEC at their own places. Those who do not have access to a computer, special independent classes are arranged at CEC.

At the premises of its head office at Silpukhuri, CEC has set up an advanced software laboratory comprising of 50+ computers to impart training on all the advanced computer languages like Java, LINUX, C, C++, Oracle, HTML, ASP, WAP, VB  etc. Its infrastructure is elaborate with abundant computers and other amenities/facilities like generator, uninterrupted power supply, inverter facilities, fully air-conditioned theory and practical labs and adequate staff.

On March 12, 2006, CEC launched the GOLD DIPLOMA by the hands of Dr. Samujjal Bhattacharyya, Adviser and then Brand Ambassador of CEC and Mrs. Arunima Dutta, Mrs. India-World ’04 runner-up at Guwahati Press Club. On this occasion, Dr. Samujjal said, “This course will enable the students not only with the knowledge of a particular course but will also equip them with the information of how to start and run a business and put their theoretical knowledge into practice. Business doesn’t run in everyone’s blood, with the aid of Gold Diploma, students will be given highly specialized training in entrepreneurship and in this connection, our students will educate with the most advanced and sophisticated methodology of opening and running a business on their own.

For its tremendous growth over the years and the yeomen service it has rendered to the students of this region, the Founder cum President of CEC, Mr. Dipankar Dutta has been conferred different awards by several national entities. One among them is the Rashtriya Ekta Award which was bestowed to him by the Global Economic Council of New Delhi on the occasion of the 55th Birth Anniversary of late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on August 24, 1999 in New Delhi. In the year 2000, he was honoured with another prestigious award, the Bikash Ratan Award under the aegis of New Delhi-based International Integration and Growth Society presented to him by the Hon’ble Minister of State for Urban Development.

Intellectual Growth:
Since its inception, the institute conducted various seminars and workshops, where a wide range of experts have participated. CEC had also organized various shows from where a large number of fashion designing students were benefitted by participating in the mega events of national standard. In 2000, CEC organized Coca-Cola Mega Model Show; in 2001, North East Designer’s Contest; in 2003, Mr. & Mrs. Guwahati 2003; and in 2004, Mr. & Mrs. Guwahati 2004; in 2005, Assam Fashion Week 2005 & Mr. & Mrs. Guwahati 2005 and a mega show in Bangkok, Thailand titled ‘Parampara,’ Assam-Bangkok Fashion Show in the month of February 2006. It was the first international event to promote Eri and Muga silk from Assam at the international level. CEC is also organizing a career fair titled as Career@choice to help the aspiring students of Northeast to choose a better career. For the benefit of the students, CEC had published a book on Computer Fundamentals and Office Management software and Internet.

While significant progress have been made in a number of directions, which has earned accreditation from many quarters of the society and has put CEC on the map of the institutions devoted to strengthening technical education for the society in the region. In recent years, its intellectual culture has seemed to have gone to a steady descent. Incidentally, such aggrandizement has occurred almost in tandem with the institution’s rapid physical growth. The institution is maintaining its stake as a centre of excellence and to push for recognition as number one in the field of technical education.

Academic Initiatives:
Mr. Dipankar Dutta, Founder President of CEC states, “CEC is not just an institution, it is a temple of education. Here at CEC, one gets everything one desires, even if it is beyond one’s imagination. Our institute has made all-out efforts to provide high-quality education in comparatively lesser cost. I think this has helped students of the economically backward families of the whole N. E. region immensely.”

Moreover, CEC was also involved in many ventures like film-making, financial assistance, media festival, donation to old-age homes, starting beauty clinics, running school projects, sports initiative, visitation by foreign faculties, computer literacy for the elderly, etc.

Film Production:

CEC ventured into film-making by being the Executive Producer of the Assamese movie, Mann Jai. This movie received the Rajat Kamal Award in 2010. In fact, the whole Mann Jai team attended the 39th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) held at Goa in 2008.

Drawing Competition:

CEC in collaboration with Starex International School, New Delhi organized the 1st N.E. Open Drawing Competition held at ITA Machkhowa in 2007.

Humanitarian Assistance:

CEC also offered assistance on humanitarian grounds to noted Assamese Film Director, Sri Gunasindhu Hazarika who was given lifetime financial assistance and donated computers to old-age home, “Aamar Ghar” of Guwahati.

Hindustan College:

 It would be worth mentioning here that Hindustan College, Guwahati bagged the award for excellence as the Best Emerging College at the 2nd National Convention of Sikkim Manipal University held at Mysore on December 14, 2009. Dipankar Dutta, chairman of the college received the award from Anand Sudarshan, MD & CEO, Manipal Education. Anil Kumble, former captain of Indian cricket team and the brand ambassador of Manipal Group was also present on the occasion. Dr. Surjit Singh Pabla, Vice-Chancellor, Sikkim Manipal University, A.M. Thimmiya, Senior Vice-President, Manipal group and other dignitaries too were present in the meeting. Held at the National Institute of Engineering of the heritage city of Mysore, this award of excellence was conferred to Hindustan College for its better performance in a very short span of time. Moreover, Hindustan College also obtained the distinction of having the highest number of university-trained faculty members.

To boost the students’ confidence and to introduce them to the fast-paced global scenario, the college facilitates special lectures and classes by faculty members from abroad. On February 27, 2010, Dr. Donaldine E. Samson of USA and Mrs. Sophia Mahakanak of Thailand visited Hindustan College to deliver lectures. Their lectures were not only attended by the students of Hindustan College but also by other management students of Guwahati and the N.E. region. Moreover, a meeting was also held at the Press Club, Guwahati in this regard where the foreign faculties and CEC members were present. As such, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Hindustan College and Stamford International University of Thailand. As per the MoU, the college will be the authorized study centre for the Thai university for the first semester of the most popular international MBA programme where the students will study for only 12 months to get an internationally recognized degree.

Sports Initiative:

Hindustan College, a substantial project of CEC Education Group, has envisioned a special initiative to help sportspersons of the region. Being affiliated to Guwahati University and an authorized learning centre of Sikkim Manipal University, the college is offering special concessions to the sportsmen from the entire Northeastern region. Founder President of CEC and Chairman of Hindustan College, Dipankar Dutta and the CEC-Society members recently decided to offer a 20% waiver in total course fees to the students who have any certificate of playing any sports.

Media Festival:

CEC again organized 24/7 Media Festival on May 2, 2010 with the collaboration of the Department of Mass Communication & Journalism at Sudmersion Hall, Cotton College, Guwahati.

Beauty Clinics:

CEC also started two beauty clinics, Clara and Jawed Habib at G.S. Road in the year 2010.

School Projects:

 Currently running in two schools of Guwahati, Chenikuthi Vidya Mandir and Narengi Vidya Mandir School.

Assam Fashion Week: Moreover, CEC started a trend in organizing the Assam Fashion Week from 2005 and it is continuing till 2010 and is expected to be an annual event giving a platform for the upcoming designers of the region and also showcasing the designer collections of the already reputed fashion designers. In 2009, Designer’s Champions was held and attended by various well-known faces in the fashion industry and paved the way for the aspiring designers of the N.E. region.

Brand Ambassador:

Well-known and popular heart-throb of the Assamese film industry, Kopil Bora was inducted into the CEC-Parivar as the new brand ambassador from the year 2009 onward. Since then, the image and popularity of CEC increased immensely and led to the overall promotion and publicity of this almost two-decade old computer education institute.

Computer Literacy Programme for the elderly:

Ashadeep, a mental health society organized a 20-day computer literacy programme for senior citizens at Prashantiloy, a recreational and yoga centre for the elderly at Barnali Path, Japorigog on March 17, 2011. A total number of about 30 elderly men & women of 60 years and above participated in the programme, which was inaugurated by Founder cum President of CEC, Mr. Dipankar Dutta. This programme was organized in association with Abhoy Mission, Tripura whose main objective is to make the elderly computer friendly so that they can access the Internet to upgrade themselves and familiarize themselves with the latest developments.

Trade Exchange Seminar:

Recently, the CEC Group participated in the Trade Exchange Seminar held at the India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi where both the Founder President of CEC, Dipankar Dutta and his better-half, Mrs. Arunima Dutta were present. Here, Melinda F. Gates, Co-Chairperson of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation also took part in this event.

In a nutshell, we can say that CEC is an example of the results of sheer dedication and devotion to achieve one’s ambition to become self-sufficient. It has also aided hundreds of students to prosper in their lives. In its 24th year, it has vowed to pursue the same goal with more zeal and gusto with an extremely practical and professional methodology. It’s a classic case of the rags to the richest story as exemplified by its success within this short timeframe.

Dipankar Dutta


On May 2, 1994 he established an institute in the name of Computer Education Centre, well-known as CEC in Noonmati are of Guwahati with only two computers. Dipankar Dutta, FounderPresident of CEC ..........


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A Venture of CEC, This college is equipped with all modern technology to cater to the needs of the students of the North Eastern region. Initiated as Hindustan College with its own Hostel campus, own Bus service, playground, own indoor stadium, new advanced projection system in the classrooms, well equipped library, advanced computer labs with wi-fi networking and commercial & HR tie up with National & international companies.....

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